Investing with Harper


One thing our clients do not need is experience. Harper ensure the process of investing from start to finish is as simple and transparent as possible. Clients have the added benefit of our specialists guiding them through the whole process step by step making sure the correct foundations are being installed to maximise profit and security simultaneously.

The vast depth of experience our specialists hold will mean entrusting their advice on investment factors such as the size and types of packages available will give you confidence and the peace of mind you need when coming on board with a new company.


Step by Step Guide


  • Fill out the contact sheet on our homepage or call 0207 099 1224 directly and ask to speak with a specialist to discuss your needs.


  • Evaluate the avenues discussed with the specialist who will also follow up your conversation and send proposals via email to allow you to digest your options with those you need to.


  • Once decided on your investment level and package an email from compliance will be sent out asking you to return AML documentation in order to verify your account.


  • Complete transfer of funds using your unique reference number provided by compliance.


  • Your Account details along with your password will be sent to you by your account manager enabling you to check your account at your leisure 24/7.


  • Now enjoy as your investment matures whilst you take a back seat and let us do the hard work!


Any payment or documentation sent to Harper will be replied to by compliance with a receipt or acknowledgement confirmation.

We take great pride in transparency and advise all clients to keep a record of all dealings in the event of any discrepancies regarding your dealings. With our proactive approach to security and protecting our clients you can have the upmost confidence in Harper Wealth Management and our ability to always put your security first whilst working on your behalf.

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